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Newborn Photography of a baby boy swaddled and posed in a wooden crate


Bring the essentials

Diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifier, etc. You are also welcome to bring your breast pump. There is a separate sitting area for breast feeding & pumping for moms who prefer their privacy. 
Suggestions for what to wear

For family portraits, neutrals work best!
Mom - a simple dress or top with jeans in neutral creamy tones is perfect! 
Dad - a button up shirt in pastel colors (no stripes or patterns) or a plain white or black t-shirt.
Siblings - for boys, a simple top similar to Dad's with neutral color pants or blue jeans. For girls, a simple white, cream, or soft pink dress.
**Please no bold patterns, graphics, or bright colors for anyone.
Wear comfy clothes

It can get pretty warm in the studio, so I recommend parents wear something comfortable. For clients who are doing family photos, there is a private area for families to change.
Food & snacks

You are welcome to bring some snacks with you to the session, as some sessions may last up to 3 hours. I do ask that clients not bring food or drinks that may cause stains if spilled.
Newborn Photography outfit examples
Newborn Photography outfit examples
Newborn Photography outfit examples
Newborn Photography outfit examples
Here are a few things that can help keep baby settled during their newborn session. Please don't worry if you are not able to do them all.
Once you arrive at the studio, I will do my best to soothe baby.
If traveling a long distance

Please try to keep baby awake as much as possible. If baby sleeps the entire drive, he/she may not sleep at all for his/her session.

If possible, please fully feed baby 30 minutes before the session. Bringing a bottle and pacifier (even if they don't usually take a pacifier) on the session day can also help with keeping baby comfy. 
How long will the session be?

Session time is determined by which package the client selects & baby's cooperation. Some sessions take less time & some sessions take a little longer. I don't rush my newborn sessions and I like to follow the baby's lead. Making sure baby is comfortable is my number one priority. Most of the time is spent soothing baby. It's good to come to the studio as relaxed as possible as babies can feel if you're stressed.
If baby is really gassy

If baby is experiencing lots of gas, gripe water can really help them feel more comfortable {You can consult with your doctor about this}
A warm bath

A nice warm bath can also help with getting a newborn baby comfortable. I also highly recommend washing baby's hair at home the morning of the session to avoid oily/shiny hair. Oily/shiny hair tends to clump together and appear dirty in photos. Soft, fluffy hair looks MUCH better.
Feeding during the session

It is essential to feed baby a few times during a newborn session. If you're breastfeeding it is best to keep a good breastfeeding diet a few days before your session. More information can be found online about the types of foods you can avoid to prevent tummy issues for baby. Although it does not ensure the baby will be comfy, it sure does help.
Color Pallet


  • About 2-3 days after your session, you will receive an email containing a link to the online viewing gallery. From here, you will be able to view the unedited, watermarked images and select (favorite) which photos you would like to have edited for your final gallery. Clients are welcome to upgrade and purchase a bigger collection package, if desired.

  • After you select which images you would like to have edited, I will hand edit each image. Editing includes lighting & color adjustments, skin retouching & enhancement, evening skin tones, background filling & smoothing, and occasionally composites for certain poses.

  • About 3-4 weeks after you make your selection, you will receive an email with a link to a separate online viewing gallery to view your high resolution, edited, non-watermarked images. You will be able to download digital images from here. This gallery is for clients to be able to view their photos & discuss print orders with the photographer. Digital images will also be delivered via USB flash drive, which will be mailed to the client's address on file.

  • Additionally, you will be provided with a Print Product Price Sheet with available products, sizing, and pricing. Any wall art credits included in collections may only be applied to Wall Art Products (i.e. framed canvases, float frames, and wood prints); this credit may not be used toward albums or photo boxes.

  • Clients may place their order for wall art (16 x 16 inches or larger), photo boxes, and/or photo album(s) through me after reviewing pricing. Photo albums are custom-designed by Mia Landry Images and must be approved by the client before order placement. 

  • A Square Payment Request will then be emailed to you and must be paid within 24 hours of receipt. Once the invoice has been paid in full, the order will be placed with Mia Landry Images’ trusted, professional photo lab.

  • About 4-6 weeks after the print order has been placed, the print order will be delivered to the studio location of Mia Landry Images to be inspected by Mia for any imperfections. Once the order has been inspected and approved, I will be in touch with you to let you know your order is ready to be picked up. All clients must pick up their order from the Mia Landry Images studio location due to possible damages by postal carriers after inspection. Clients who prefer not to travel the distance to the studio to pick up their print products will not be able to have their print products remade if damaged by the postal carrier after inspection, as stated in the Newborn Photography Contract. I highly recommend picking your print products up from the studio location to avoid damages to your items.

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