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When is the best time to photograph a newborn?

The best timeframe to photograph your Newborn is between 4-12 days old. During this time, babies are typically at their sleepiest, which is best for getting them into those curly, squishy poses we all adore. After this time, Newborns can be a little harder to settle, baby acne can flare up, and colic can make it difficult for your baby to remain comfortable enough to sleep through their session.


When should I book my newborn session?

If you want some adorable, heirloom Newborn Photography portraits made of your baby, please don’t wait to book your session. I highly recommend clients book their Newborn Photography session with me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Due to the unpredictable nature of birth, I limit how many Newborn Photography sessions I schedule per month. This allows some wiggle room for rescheduling, if needed. Clients may book their Newborn Photography session as early as 14 weeks (the beginning of the second trimester).

Do I need to bring anything with me?

The only thing that parents need to bring with them to their Newborn Photography session is their baby essentials: diaper bag, feeding supplies, and a pacifier is required to help soothe their baby. I have an ever-growing collection of Newborn Photography props from top vendors all over the world including wraps, bonnets, halos, mini teddies, fur stuffers, baskets, crates, & more. Some of my props are actually handmade by me! These beautiful props are specially designed to create a simple, yet stunning set while still keeping your baby as the focus. I do ask that clients do not bring any store bought crochet outfits or tutus. These items do not go well with my artistic style, as they are distracting and often do not fit newborns as intended. 

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Where is your studio located?

My Newborn Photography Studio is located in my home in Hendersonville, Tennessee (about 15-20 minutes from Nashville, Tennessee). The exact location of my studio is provided to my clients once they have officially booked their Newborn Photography session (after the retainer is paid and the contract is signed). Because I work out of my own, personal home, I prefer not to publicly post the address online.

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