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Newborn Photography of a baby boy swaddled and posed in a wooden crate

Thank you for your interest in learning from me! All mentoring sessions will be held in Mia's home-based Newborn Photography Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Please carefully review the terms and details below about 1 : 1 in-person mentoring. If interested, fill in the form and make sure to click the submit button once completed.

1 : 1 Mentoring with Mia

Whether you're a total beginner to Newborn Photography or you have some experience and you're looking to improve your technique, I would LOVE to talk with you and set up a mentoring session. I've spent years perfecting my style and my workflow while learning from some of the BEST Newborn Photographers in the business. Let me help you be more proud of your work.

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Conditions to participate in mentoring with me:

- Must not be teaching Newborn Photography yourself
- Must be located over 50 miles from Hendersonville, Tennessee

An Overview of the Day

You will be provided with a PDF guide for your reference before the scheduled date of your mentoring session - this will save you time on taking notes and you will be able to reference them in the future. You may not share or sell this PDF guide to anyone; it is strictly for your own, personal reference. 

Starting at 9:00 a.m. CST, I will have the studio prepped, warming, and ready to go for the session. While we wait for our newborn model to arrive (10:00 a.m.) I will show you my studio setup and go over how to prepare props with posing aids and style them with layers/foliage. I will show you my camera and studio equipment, as well as my go=to settings for both (remember these will all be listed in the PDF guide provided to you).

A full Newborn Session will be held at Mia Landry Images' in-home Newborn Photography Studio. You will need to bring your own camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) to take your own images. This session may last up to 4 hours and will include both table posing and prop posing. I will teach you my posing flow for table poses, how I wrap babies for both table posing and prop posing, as well as different camera angles to get the most out of your poses and maximize the number of images in your galleries. Parent posing will also be included in your mentoring session.

After the Newborn session is concluded, I will begin uploading the images to my hard drive. I highly encourage and recommend you bring a laptop and upload the photos you take to a hard drive, as well - this will make things easier for both of us while culling and editing.

After we've had time to eat and the photos have finished uploading, I will show you how I cull through a gallery of images for client selection and edit them.

In addition to all of these things, I will also be teaching you my workflow with getting clients booked and how I proceed after the session is completed with delivering images to clients & placing their print orders.


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Investment Options: 

- Option 1: $1,000 - Mentoring Session with a POSING DOLL. No newborn model will be present for this package, as we will be using a posing doll for hands-on teaching purposes for the entirety of the mentoring session. This session will be conducted as any other full newborn session.

- Option 2: $2,000 - Mentoring Session with a newborn model. this session will be conducted as any other full newborn session. A posing doll will be used, but only for the purpose of practicing wrapping alongside me. All posing and camera angles will be taught with our newborn model.

Interested in booking a Mentoring Session with me?
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Thank you for your interest! Mia will be in touch with you soon.


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